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Saturday, 23 April 2022

Voice Recorder - Audio recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is a simple and smart auto telephone voice recorder for all Android phones like Android Pie, Samsung S9, S10, which can easily record the phone from both sides at any time with clear voice.

Our app is available globally to help thousands of users record phone calls.

Voice Recorder is a free, full-featured, beautifully designed and easy to use audio recording app for Android.

Our sound recorder provides high quality recording without time limit (limited only by memory size).

You can use it as a regular dictaphone for recorded voice notes and memos, business meetings, interviews, lectures, speeches, concerts, sleep talking :) or anything else.

This audio recorder works well on smartphones and tablets with and without external storage.

Call Recorder is a free and easy to use automatic telephone

Call recorder app that records phone calls for all Android phones like Android 7.0, Samsung Galaxy S8

At any time with high quality from both sides

It is the best recorder for sound recording with high quality.

Call Recording - Automatically record any incoming and outgoing calls - Record voice with good voice quality -

Clear HD quality recording on both

Sides - Enable / Disable call recording options

Playback of calls recorded at any time - Quick search recordings

The call recorder must be a utility!

The number of saved calls is limited only by your device memory.

Quickly be able to open the call recorder and do your recording

Download Application

Communicating with an individual or a group of people is very valuable.

 New calls are automatically deleted when the inbox is full.

Never forget the details of the conversation again.

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Gujarat E-Nagar Urban Citizen Service

Gujarat is one of the leading states in implementing major e-governance infrastructure, policies and projects. The state's approach is often summed up as "Think Big, Start Small and Scale Fast".

There are three key elements to Gujarat's e-governance initiative: responsiveness, transparency and accountability. At the state level, the eNagar portal was designed and developed for online citizen-centric services to urban local bodies.

The eNagar project provides citizens with a good range of services like online payment gateway facilities, soaps and establishment, complaints and grievances, birth, death and marriage registration, business tax, building permit, estate management, hall booking etc.

The eNagar project has changed the way citizens understand the administration. Regardless of his / her place of residence, the citizen can visit the online portal and complete all the payments, fees / taxes / charges, online registration and certification, etc., aimed at providing single point window fixing of general information and communication technology infrastructure by the government.

The District Collectorate directly represents the state government at the district level. This is where government policies and plans are implemented. Citizens of the district come in contact with the District Collectorate regarding any work. The collector ranks high in the hierarchy of the district administration. Thus, the main objectives of the Collectorate as the central pillar of the district administration are as follows.

Download Application

The objective is to have a cost effective, transparent and scalable web based citizen centric service and back office operation network that can be accurately distributed and customized for further copying across municipalities across Gujarat.

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Voice Changer During Call

 MagicCall - Experience calling with the voice changer app

Change your voice in real time and have fun with friends.

Take the next level of fun with background voice on MagicCall. Use Raining Noise, Happy Birthday Background, Traffic Noise and Music Concert Background when talking to friends on the call.

Speak in different voices

The Magic Call app has multiple voices like female voice changer, cartoon voice changer, male voice changer etc. Using this app you can:

1. Change the voice to feminine

2. Change the voice to male

3. Talk like a cartoon

4. Select the normal voice option to make a normal call

How to make a call using Magic Call

Select voice. Example - male, female and cartoon etc.


Choose a background. Example - Happy Birthday, Traffic, Raining Background, Music Concert.

Select a contact or dial a number

Launch your MagicCall

Once the call is connected, the voice changer will convert your voice into the selected voice. And after that, you can enjoy listening to your friend's hilarious responses and reactions.

Download Application

Refer and win with MagicCall

Create unique links and share with friends

You will receive a scratch card whenever your friend downloads the app

Win amazing cash prizes with scratch cards

You can redeem or purchase a MagicCall credit

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How to get Aadhaar card printed in PVC

Aadhaar number has been made mandatory to avail the benefits of every scheme of today's government. Apart from that, it is necessary to give Aadhaar number first when getting a new SIM card and opening a bank account. Along with this the base is used as proof of address. Aadhar card has also become necessary for the admission of children.

In fact, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is now introducing the Aadhaar Card Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) card. The new Aadhaar card is similar to an ATM card or a credit card. Which you can easily keep in your wallet.

UIDAI states that the quality of printing and lamination of the new PVC card is very good. This will last for many years. Apart from that this new PVC Aadhaar card can immediately check the authenticity of the card through QR code. There will be no technical defects. UIDAI tweeted that your support now comes in a size you can keep in your wallet.

UIDAI writes that you can now order a new base PVC card, which is attractive in appearance and will last for several days. It also has modern security features. The new security cord includes hologram, gilloch pattern, ghost image and micro.ft.

The special thing is that this new PVC Aadhaar card will not go bad even in the rain. For a new PVC card you have to pay Rs 50 to UIDAI, then this Aadhaar card will reach your home.

First open the official website of UIDAI, then click on ‘Order Aadhaar PVC Card’ in the ‘My Aadhaar section’. As you click on the Order Support PVC card, you will need to enter a 12 digit base number or a 16 digit virtual ID or a 28 digit EID to perform one of these three items.

Download Now: Click here

After entering the base number, you must enter the security code or captcha code below. Then click on Send OTP. Then OTP will come to the registered mobile number. After entering the OTP, click Submit as shown below. A preview of the PVC CRDVR will then appear on the preview screen. Which will include details attached to your support.

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Photo and Picture Resizer Android App

If you want to quickly resize photos, photo and picture resizing is a good choice. Photo Resizer allows you to easily reduce the size of the image without losing quality. You don't need to save the resized pictures manually, as they are automatically saved in a separate folder titled "Pictures / Photo Resizer".

Image Resizer for your Android device is a utility application that lets you reduce photos by choosing the right resolution, Photo Resizer is an application designed to help you resize images quickly and easily. Image Resizer performs a simple task, such as resizing an image quickly and easily. This image resizer maintains a picture aspect ratio by providing a resolution list based on the camera resolution. Photo Resizer helps you resize photos before posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Google+, Vkontakte, Kakao Talk, etc.

When you send an email with attached pictures, you will often find that the email exceeds the message size limit, for example, if your email account allows you to send messages up to 5 megabytes (MB) and you include only two pictures. Connection (today's pictures taken by phone or tablet camera are about 5 MB), you will probably exceed the maximum message size. In this case, this image resizer application is very helpful, as it helps to avoid exceeding the maximum message size limit associated with most email accounts. Downsize the photo before composing the email and then attach several smaller pictures.

Image Resizer Features:

Batch resize (multiple photo resize)

Original pictures are not affected

The resized pictures are automatically saved in the output folder

Very good quality of resized photos

Do not change the photo too many times or lose quality

Browse photos by gestures

Reducing the size of the photo preserves the original quality and aspect ratio

Very good compression result (4MB image is almost compressed. -400KB for 800 × 600 resolution)

Adjust the resolution to 1920 × 1080, 2048 × 1152 (2048 pixels wide and 1152 pixels high) or custom

Adjust the relative ratio to 2 × 3, 16 × 9 or custom

Download Application

Downsize the photo for printing on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp

Adjust photo size

Scale image size

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Digital Banner Festival & Business Poster, Videos

Creating a banner for social media marketing or your business purpose is no longer a challenge. With quick and easy features, you can create ad offers, posters, pamphlets or promotional posts for your WhatsApp business app.

Digital banner δΈ¨ Festival and business poster, video

So, download the Digital Banner app, and start exploring your creativity by editing, cutting, adding effects, and mixing it with high quality picture. Yes, you can add awesome stickers and customize the theme that will transform your regular post into a finely tuned business post.

Happy Birthday and Anniversary, Happy Birthday and much more.

Full support on editing tools - redo / undo changes

Free graphical application with personalized offers and discounts

Republic, Independence, April Fool's Day, Blood Donor, Earth, Eid Milad, Father, Mother, Women, Friendship, Gujarat, Labor, Teacher, Technology, Valentine, Water, Cancer, Environment, Health, Wildlife, Celebrating days and festivals like Nontobaku, AIDS, Doctors, Youth Day, Lohri, Makarsankranti, Pongal, Holi, Basant Panchami, Shivratri, Baisakhi, Ram Navami, Ramzan, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Durga Ashtami, Karva Choth, Narak Di Chaturdashi, Pateti, Onam and much more. And we also offer birth anniversaries for God and freedom fighters

This is one of the best festival digital banner maker app trusted by millions of users for creating business brand promotions and status-specific posters. From professional to casual messages, you can use this ideal greeting app that gives you the opportunity to keep your brand updated and active.

If you share his post on your Whatsapp status and other social media handles like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it will improve your networking and give reason to expand your business worldwide. So, download this business marketing post maker app and start connecting with your prospects or past customers. Show them how active you are and give them a reason to start working on the next project. Download now and explore this Whatsapp Status Maker App!

But, how do I create a digital banner?

Go to Play Store and type in 'Digital Banner App' and download it

Choose 100+ themed categories from festivals

Start creating your banner and explore similar options in the app

Save your poster and start downloading

Share on your story or status

Download Application

Isn't it so simple and totally user friendly? Yes, this is the best banner application for social media application to grow your business and your community.

As we know, hiring a graphic designer for brochures and posts can be a costly affair. And so, we've designed this best greeting card maker app specifically for your designing needs where you don't need any special skills or knowledge. Starting editing in our pre-built templates. Believe it or not you will like it, for sure!

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Download PicsArt

Join the pics art community of over 150 million creators from around the world. With PicsArt Photo Editor and Video Editor, you can bring your creativity to life. Create professional-level collages, design and add stickers, quickly remove and swap backgrounds, try popular edits like Golden Hour, Mirror Selfies and retro VHS or Y2K filters. PicsArt is your go-to, all-in-one editor with all the tools needed to give your content a personal flair and make it stand out.

Photo editor

Try trending filters for pictures and popular photo effects

Use a background eraser to erase and change the background

Clear pictures and remove unwanted objects with the Remove Object tool

Use millions of curated, free images or edit your own pictures

Add text to photos with 200+ designer fonts

Retouch selfies with hair color changer, makeup stickers and more

Blur the background with our AI-powered smart selection tool

Quickly flip and crop the photo

Add stickers to pictures and create your own stickers

Video editor

Create and edit videos with our easy-to-use video editor with music

Take your IG stories, TikToks and Reels to the next level

Add music to your videos using our comprehensive video editor music library

Cut video clips to full dimensions and proportions

Try glitch video effects and other trendy filters in the video editor

Trim video or use Smart Video Merger to merge videos

Design using a slideshow maker with music

Add your best moments to a video collage

Collage maker

Create on-trend photo collages with your favorite pictures

Try out frames for photo grid collages, freestyle collages, scrapbooks and pictures

Go viral with our meme generator and share with friends

Use Story Maker and level up your Instagram game with story templates

Sticker Maker + Free Stickers

Discover over 60+ million PicsArt stickers

Add stickers to pictures to turn the level of fun on your edits

Download any sticker for free and use it immediately

Create your own clipart and create unique custom stickers

Download Application

Photo effects and filters

Outline selfies with popular sketch effects

Rotate portraits into artistic masterpieces with canvas effects

Create drip art with dripping effect stickers and customize blend mode

Cartoon yourself in seconds with wonderful magical effects

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Important: Please always Check and Confirm the above details with the official website and Advertisement / Notification.

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