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Friday, 17 August 2018

Lenovo HX03F Spectra Fitness Band Full Review

Lenovo HX03F Spectra Fitness Band Full Review

Chinese mammoth Lenovo has been concentrating on the wearables fragment recently and has reported a progression of reasonable items. In April this year, the organization propelled the new HX03 Cardio and HX03F Spectra in the Indian market. Evaluated at Rs. 2,999, the HX03F Spectra is the more costly of the two, and brags of highlights, for example, heart rate detecting, rest following, and an IP68 water opposition rating. We put this wellness tracker under a magnifying glass to see if it can give its rivals, for example, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 a keep running for their cash.
Lenovo HX03F Spectra Fitness Band Full Review
Lenovo HX03F Spectra Fitness Band Full Review

The Lenovo HX03F Spectra has a separable tie that can be pulled off to uncover a USB plug for charging on the tracker unit itself. We have beforehand audited three different wellness trackers in this value run with comparable outlines - the Ambrane Flexi Fit, Fastrack Reflex, and Amzer Fitzer. This implies the tracker can be charged by connecting it specifically to any USB charger or USB port on a PC. Once fitted once more into its band, there is almost no shot of it dropping out. The wellness tracker is light at 20g, and its silicone lash was amazingly agreeable all through our trial. The tie is dark so this band could go off as a smaller watch, however, there are no shading choices.

The clasp is genuinely basic and there are gaps to suit an extensive variety of wrist sizes. One of the features of this wellness band is the IP68 rating, which implies is water and residue safe. According to universal principles, IP68 ensures insurance from water notwithstanding when submerged up to 3m profound, and finish assurance against dust entrance. In our testing, the wellness band was unaffected by sprinkles of water and even worked fine after we submerged it in water for around five minutes at a stretch.

The 0.96-inch OLED screen on the Lenovo HX03F Spectra is very dull. Promoting pictures of the gadget demonstrate a fairly dynamic and bright show, anyway, the determination is just 80x160 pixels, and its general quality doesn't look as great. All things considered, this band is right now accessible under the most favorable conditions purchase cost of Rs. 2,299, and we wouldn't expect stellar show quality at this value point.

The Lenovo HX03F Spectra does not have a touchscreen. The interface is controlled by a catch underneath the show. You can cycle between cards - more on them later - with a solitary touch, or long-press for three seconds on a card to get to its menu. This makes for a baffling background, particularly amidst a run or instructional meeting.

Turn the band around and you'll see the heart rate sensor at the back. At the point when Auto Measure is turned on, the sensor produces a sharp squinting light. This doesn't get handicapped naturally when you take the band off and can be irritating. You need to turn it off yourself through the Lenovo Healthy application.

Lenovo HX03F Spectra highlights and execution 

The UI of the Lenovo HX03F Spectra comprises six element cards that you push through - Clock/Home, Sports mode, Step counter, Heart rate screen, Find my telephone, and Info. The main card demonstrates the clock gadget, a commencement for your day by day step objective, the date, day, and battery level. You can redo the presence of the clock, however, the essential advanced alternative appeared to be the special case that was plainly unmistakable. The other simple choices are simply not suited for the little, pixelated show.

Game mode is for clients hoping to track their vitals, steps, and the span of an active session. As far as we can tell, in opposition to the customary mode, heart rate following ended up being marginally incorrect with the band demonstrating higher-than-normal heart pulsates notwithstanding amid rest periods amidst a run. This is in correlation with a Mio Fuse wellness band, which additionally gloats of heart rate detecting as an essential element.

The HX03F Spectra naturally tracks your means and gauges the calories consumed, with details unmistakable on the third card. The step following precision was all in or all out and offered conflicting outcomes in correlation with an Apple Watch and in addition the Health application of an iPhone which stayed on our individual all through our strolls and runs. We recorded about 5,000 stages for every day all things considered. On some days, the progression depends on the two gadgets shifted by around 150, while on different days the distinction was as awesome as 800-900 stages.

Heart rate appears on the fourth card. You can tap Measure heart rate in the Lenovo Healthy application to demonstrate to you the latest heart rate record, but on the other hand, it's naturally set to log this like clockwork. Advance records are constrained by the Lenovo Healthy application since it just stores information for the recent hours.

A clever component of the Lenovo HX03F Spectra wellness tracker is the Find my telephone on the fifth card, which sends a warning to your connected cell phone, in spite of the fact that this is of constrained utilize if the telephone is in quiet mode. It's likewise somewhat irritating, - our connected iPhone indicated singular warnings once consistently after we set off this component. In conclusion, the 6th card gives you a chance to get to things like the caution, gadget data, and power off the catch. An alert must be set through the Lenovo Healthy application, and the band vibrates tactfully, which is sufficient to wake you up.

Rest following on the Lenovo HX03F Spectra was genuinely precise, and it figured out how to identify profound and additionally light rest independently. An examination chart with independent profound and light rest segments was a decent expansion. You can track measurements for up to the previous eight days widely, and there's additionally a month to month normal for as long as five months. All things considered, there was one night when the band totally neglected to track exact rest timings.

The Lenovo Healthy application is accessible on both Android and iOS and matches up with the HX03F Spectra. It offers a basic yet useful UI with areas for the progression counter, heart rate, rest, battery level, and application synchronizing. The investigation helps in getting a general photo of your advance. Heart rate following does not match up with Google Fit or the iOS Health application, however, there is a diagram that demonstrates your normal heart rate for the whole day and resets at midnight. Heart rate information is put away inside the application for up to a year with a specific end goal to demonstrate your month to month midpoints. The application additionally offers a reference go that tells you whether your heart rate is light, medium, or substantial. We would say with the wellness band, heart rate observing was genuinely exact and offered investigation keeping pace with a Mi Band 2 and a Mio Fuse wellness tracker.

Lenovo professes to offer a battery life of 10 days on a solitary full charge. As far as true use, be that as it may, the HX03F Spectra figured out how to last around 7.5 days with the customary advance following, programmed heart rate observing exchanged on, 3-4 long periods of rest following, and the infrequent Sports mode. This is nearer to how a standard client may utilize it, and battery deplete will be a greater issue on the off chance that you utilize Sports mode every now and again, considering that it includes ceaseless heart rate detecting.


The Lenovo HX03F Spectra has a moderate plan, a dull show, and an at times disappointing UI. Be that as it may, the Lenovo Healthy application is perfect and clean, with the capacity to effectively track measurements synchronized from the wellness band. Step following is sporadic, rest following is precise, battery life is conventional, and heart rate is estimated fairly well when in auto measure mode.

At a MOP of Rs. 2,299, the Lenovo HX03F Spectra is a not too bad offering for a spending wearable, and there's popularity for this portion in the Indian market. While its battery offers a slight edge over them as of late propelled iVoomi FitMe, you may be in an ideal situation with the attempted and confided in Mi Band 2 from Xiaomi.

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