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Monday, 3 October 2022

4 Makeup Hacks I Wish I Had Tried Before

Four  Makeup Hacks I Wish I Had Tried Before

Diwali homework

Double Trouble

By that I mean: save yourself the trouble of utilizing 2 different products on your lips and cheeks because, well, that lipstick of yours is nice ‘nuff to add that flush for a monochromatic look. Chandni Goyal, Training Manager, Anastasia Beverly Hills India, approves of this “age-old tradition” as she shares, “As a child, I always saw my mother apply her lip color as a blush as well with her a fingertips. This is 1 trick that has stayed with me and works wonderfully well for a some reasons – 1, a creamy lipstick blends beautifully on the cheeks when applied with your fingertips and creates your cheeks look naturally flushed; 2, you don’t have to concern about whether the combination of lip and cheek color will work good together;  the same color can be blindly utilized on the lips and cheeks as it brings your whole makeup look together beautifully.” While investing in a lip and cheek tint isn’t a bad choice , making the best of your recent lippies makes more sense. Goyal verifies the viral method of doing this, “The great way to apply a lip color as a cheek color or l blush is to apply a some dots on the apples of your cheeks and blend them softly with your fingertips towards the temples. Blending from the apples towards the temples will provide a youthful, uplifted look.”

Finger Your Way To A shiny Finish

Before you think of anything else, let me tell you I’m talking about blending makeup with your a fingers. Now that that disclaimer is out of the way, let me say you why. There’s no doubt that brushes and makeup sponges are best– but your fingers play a magical role in a melting your makeup seamlessly with no creases whatsoever. Okay, there’s few science to it too: “The warmth of your fingertips will aid melt and blend the creamy product simply into the skin without it looking patchy or overdone and offer a naturally flushed look,” explains Goyal. For me, utilizing a brush to buff concealer and then picking up a blender to blend out any creases is too much on workdays and that’s when my humble digits come in a handy.

Nude Lip Liner Equals Nude Eyeliner

No, hear me out; I haven’t lost a my mind. For that  all day clean makeup look we’re always on a hunt for, that proper nude brown shadow works to define our eyes – just a bit. Utilizing a nude lip liner to outline your upper and lower lash line does just that; smudging it out provides a ‘there’s nothing but there’s something’ kinda effect to your eyes. “You may utilize the nude lip liner on the top lids directly from the pencil or take a little on an angled brush and apply it on the top lids to make a beautiful smoky-nude eyeliner,”  Goyal confirms. However, she even suggests we play it safe, “You can utilize the lip liner on the under eye or as an eyeliner on the top lids, but I absolutely suggest you ignore using it in the waterline.”

Powder ‘Em Lashes

Remember watching those beauty videos on IG and TikTok where they powdered their lashes before going in with a mascara? Turns out it a really works. I love to swirl the same brush (with loose powder, of course) on my lashes while powdering my eyes. The mascara pops also better sans any clumps, as a result. Goyal has a slightly various tip to share: “You can utilize powder in between 2 coats of mascara to get maximum volume and length, but I suggest doing this only occasionally to ignore clumpy lashes and sensitivity around the eyes.”

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